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How NIC Partners Helped Glendora Unified School District Qualify for Grants for School Security Systems


NIC Partners had been Glendora Unified School District’s trusted partner for years. Over our years working with them, we learned that they, like many other school districts, ran a very tight budget. Although they were dedicated to keeping their schools safe, they needed additional funding to make it happen.

Glendora Unified School District needed to upgrade their physical security systems. They needed to implement new cameras, upgrades to their IP paging and a new locking system. And they needed the funds to be able to do it.


That’s when NIC Partner’s Sr. Account Manager, Matt Robbart, found a solution. The School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) offered $50 million in grants in 2020. Matt quickly identified this as a way for Glendora Unified School District to receive the funds they needed for their security upgrades.

Matt scheduled a meeting between Glendora Unified School District and a Cisco grant specialist. There were two meetings: one for introductions and discovery and another for follow-up with a plan of action.

Glendora Unified School District was provided all the information they needed to apply for the grant, including an order of magnitude from NIC Partners that detailed the cost of all the upgrades and new systems they needed to keep their campuses safe.


Glendora Unified School District applied for a grant through SVPP in late March and their application was approved in early September.

Once the funds were distributed, NIC Partners was able to upgrade several of their systems using the grant money. Glendora Unified School District received:

  • Meraki Smart Cameras
  • Locking System
  • Upgraded IP Paging System

NIC Partners continues to partner with Glendora Unified School District and help them maintain their new systems.

We can help you.

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If you need upgraded technology or you’re unsure how to apply for grants like SVPP, contact us today to learn more.

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