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NIC Partners Unveils Network Management Solution for Education

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NIC Partners, a distinguished technology integrator, is excited to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Managed Meraki Network for schools and higher education institutions: Cyberscan. Committed to simplifying and securing IT environments, this broad-reaching solution addresses the industry's increasing IT complexities and cybersecurity threats, enabling IT departments to focus on strategic initiatives.

Cyberscan, powered by Cisco, offers a simplified network management infrastructure that dramatically improves performance and fortifies security protocols. Featuring a streamlined dashboard for visibility across all network components, this new network not only assists with visibility but also offers recommendations for performance enhancement essential in today's dispersed IT landscape.

Key Features of Cyberscan:

Unified Network Management

  • Cyberscan leverages Cisco Meraki to provide a unified dashboard that offers visibility across all network components. This consolidated view assists in troubleshooting, enhances performance monitoring, and recommends optimizations to improve overall network efficiency

Unified Network Management

  • Protecting educational networks from unwanted users and devices is paramount. Cyberscan enhances security measures, ensuring a robust defense against cybersecurity threats while providing secure access to a dispersed workforce.

Simplified IT Operations

  • NIC Partners' Managed Meraki Network simplifies the complexities associated with managing networks in educational settings. By offering managed network and security services, educators can streamline IT operations, allowing for a more efficient and focused approach to technology management.

NIC Partners Can Help

Ready to fortify your educational network against cyber threats and streamline your IT operations? Discover the power of Cyberscan by NIC Partners today. Learn more about how our expertly managed services can transform your institution's IT environment.

Don't wait – secure your educational network's future with Cyberscan now.