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Customer Success Story: Physical Security - NIC Partners Helps School District Remain Safe During Return from Remote Learning

Prioritizing Security

The demand for top-of-the-line digital security skyrocketed during the pandemic, creating a new standard for physical security as students transitioned back to in-person classes. NIC Partners helps Walnut Valley Unified School District keep its K-12 students safe by seamlessly integrating physical security solutions.

The Demand for Change

Before working with NIC Partners, Walnut Valley faced several challenges in its physical security. The school district was ready to change its ineffective analog systems, minimal coverage and outdated voice and paging technologies.

Combatting Issues

After a network assessment revealed the shortcomings of their physical security, NIC Partners stepped in. We implemented IP Cameras, and campus safety experts recommended camera locations to combat prior physical security issues.

Adaptable Solutions

NIC Partner seamlessly integrated physical security solutions with network infrastructure. The easy-to-use solutions enabled staff to adapt quickly. Walnut Valley Unified School District trusted NIC Partners to implement one unified network methodology to make keeping schools safe easy.

Our Solutions

NIC Partners uses cameras, access control and real-time notifications to keep students safe on campus. Ensuring the safety of your students and staff is critical. NIC Partners has the expertise you need to design and implement the right solutions. We want your school to be safe in your digital landscape and the physical environment.

Learn More About Physical Security

Check out our webpage discussing our services and download a free guide to physical security to learn how you can prioritize safety in your school.

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