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NIC Partners – Cisco Gold Again!

Cisco Customer Service award 2016We are pleased to announce that, once again, NIC Partners has been re-certified as a Cisco Gold Certified Partner in the United States.

To qualify as a Gold Partner, Cisco has a specific set of requirements that the partner must meet. Gold Certification requires specializations in Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture and Advanced Security Architecture, as well as at least two other areas of specialization. In addition to demonstrating design and installation expertise, Cisco also requires its Gold Partners to be resellers of a variety of IT services, including Cloud and Managed Services.

NIC Partners has again met all personnel, support and specialization requirements for achieving Cisco Gold Certification. In recognition of this distinction, NIC Partners is identified as a Cisco Gold Certified Partner in the Partner Locator on the Cisco website.

Over the past eight years, NIC Partners has consistently demonstrated that we are qualified to sell, install, and support Cisco solutions in the USA. NIC Partners is committed to carrying out the IT technical expertise and excellent customer service that Cisco demands of itself and values in its partners.

Cisco Gold Partner Profile