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NIC Partners – Now Employee-Owned!

NIC Partners – Now Employee-Owned

2015 year is a monumental year for NIC Partners. We took a big leap towards transitioning from a privately owned organization to an Employee Ownership program, commonly known as an “ESOP”. On February 6th, Network Integration Company Partners, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Trust purchased 100% of NIC Partners. We are now 100% employee-owned!

We are excited, as we believe this change will benefit not only the company as a whole, but its employees and customers as well. Research has shown that after transitioning to an ESOP, companies realize a 2.7% increase of return on assets, and that company sales increase by 2.3 – 2.4% annually. This is certainly good news for NIC Partners.

What this means for our employees

It’s always rewarding to be part of a team in which every member takes his or her role seriously and is committed to the organization as a whole. As an ESOP, each employee owns a piece of the NICP pie, which gives everyone an interest in what happens in the life of the company. As a result, each individual attitude, business decision, and customer relationship has the potential to affect others, as well as our own personal financial futures. As the company grows in value, the employees will enjoy the benefits of its growth. The longer an employee stays with NICP, the more he or she will be vested in the company’s value. It has been shown that employees of ESOP companies have 2½ times more in their retirement accounts than their non-ESOP counterparts. We believe this benefit will instill a greater sense of loyalty and commitment towards making NIC Partners better and more successful, and as a result, more profitable.

What this means for our customers

We’ve always viewed our people as our greatest asset and our competitive advantage. NIC Partners is made up of hard-working, dedicated people who are good at what we do. Now, as employees begin to think and act like owners and take a more personal interest in making NICP successful, those qualities should become even more evident to our customers. And when the customer is happy, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved! NIC Partners will continue to do the right thing for our customer and to be relentless in our efforts to give them the solutions that best meet their technology needs. It’s true that NIC Partners is growing, and that means that we’re big enough to handle any IT challenge, yet we’re still small enough to really care about our customers.